Freelance: Best way to be online businessman

A Self-employed and hired to work for different companies, on different types of projects or on particular assignments, is according to own skills and ability. A freelancer is a worker/employees used for a person who is self-employed like to work for him, but not committed to employs to work in long term with him. Most websites and online platform are used to get work and paid. Most common professions and industries where freelancers are predominated are Software industries, Writing, web designing, translating, copywriting, video producing, graphic designing and else. Freelancing business model is a great business which can be started virtually, just to think after that no need to overheads, but never think is so simple to work. Freelancing is a creative professional with the wide range of ideas and views.

There are different types of freelancing culture and community available with a different expectation and goals for their business. Those people who like extra freedom and escape from the traditional job culture. Having few freelancers as-

A freelancer who treats his job as a side project: Means to work as a part time initially as per own convenient time rather than full-time culture. Mostly freelancers first started as a part time working with hope to change as a full timer in future.

Taking full-time freelancing: as we know freelancing a work from home basically or from shared office or any suitable places.  They work as completing different types of project for numbers of clients. They charged from the client as an hourly basis or per project wise payment or may be according to milestones sometimes.

Single or specific contract freelancing:  Working as a freelancer but generally work for one client at a time on the contract. Like – for certain months or years as per project required. But this time of freelancing work is difficult to get. Sometimes it gets tough to handle cash flow over the time.

Taken freelancing as business owners: Those people think and believe have leveraged the opportunities for a freelancer for own growth as a business. This is the main goal of every freelancer to grow the own freelancing business. Initially, they opt project from the market in bulk order and distribute in other freelancers to enhance own business opportunities, a way to create passive streams of income in own business.

To be a successful freelancer you need first of all the best profile design, yes you have to design your profile as per your skill set, in which you are comfortable and confident to work. So let’s first decide your best skill to highlight on your profile, with niche category, please do not try for everything.

Create a portfolio:  just do something as simple as facebook page as you design as you like, or as a blog, just expose your skill set as a showcased as a best possible way, just create an impact able portfolio to attract the client.

Now decide to make a path for self: Mostly freelancer wants to grow this business as a career, but in few freelancer, it’s for experience and to increase contacts. So please decide 1st the way to go. If you decided then start to pitching does work. Make a perfect plan to execute the work, be practical, and decide as follows-

  1. The number of week days you can work, and hours in those days.
  2. Which type of clients, or industries, you would want to work with
  3. How much clients you can handle at a time.
  4. Choose a preferred mode of communication with the clients via mail or via any messenger.
  • Start pitching for work, according to skills tries to find clients through Google or through social media.
  • Pre-work communication required to close the deal after quotation is approved.
  • Discuss payment terms with clients before starting the work.
  • Discuss the Rights and responsibilities of work with the client.

 After winning the work always be serious and confident with work, freelancing is single person business, sole entrepreneurship, if we can’t take this as a serious business never be a success, approaching every client as seriously try to win his/her trust to work blindly. Once you win the trust, freelancing will be your best career option for you. Myself also not learn to write by birth, I learn here all about writing and try to write something.

So please get started…!

Bitcoin Casinos for High Rollers

“Bitcoin Casinos for High Rollers – Cryptocurrency Gambling Features”

Bitcoin casinos for high rollers are abounding through the internet, but there is a big matter that how can I chose casinos to make that claims occurred. As I was researched on the net according to high roller and bonus or gift there is also a list of casinos, I want high roller Bitcoin casinos, out of them which one is better? According to high rated worldwide and present on top-ranked, I decided to go with one of them. He is a whale, a gambler, wagers the huge amount of money, or it has also the extendable facilities for player to help to continue betting, also myself getting the best bonuses, and I am ready for this online gambling experience on daily basis. After getting popularity on this cryptocurrency gaming, the gaming market is changing quickly, the forecasting of social or casual gaming revenue is increasing so fast that will be worth $22.52 billion till 2019. Wow, the figure is so amazing for me, really it’s fast growing, and what the Younger’s compare in later with this virtual money. The best things behind that this is so comfortable with all OS, like – windows, Linux, androids, window x. etc. due to this economic world must be changed accordingly, the new revolution in finance market is due to cryptocurrency – Digital money power. There are lots of games came in the market with Bitcoin and digital money inspiration.  But I remember one thing always when I invest my time and money like such gambling – I must check the important aspect of regulation is according to keep me safe, is the site is legal and licensed, as per countries norms or not.

Specifics of Bitcoin Casinos for high rollers:

Being high roller to offline casinos is very popular in previous decades, But now online casinos are spreading own arms in worldwide,  there are also lots of high rollers who want to sit at home with bitcoins instead of dollars and else they gambling very comfortably, Now Bitcoin become very popular cryptocurrency, few casinos only accept bitcoins because growing rate of online casinos are increasing widely with the offer of gambling and currency based games, as per local laws and authorities, And casinos offer to player to bet their currency on:

There are numbers of online casinos offered gambling and money based games in cryptocurrency/Bitcoin. Due to online casinos, its’ availability is worldwide, subject to local laws. Through Bitcoin transactions, these online casinos offer a wide range of options for players to bet their Bitcoin money on:

  • Online Casinos offered games
  • Online available gambling
  • Online sports based betting
  • Online offered lotteries according to country laws
  • Online spreading betting – Must I will go through the casino’s guideline to understand which gambling is best for me.


Types of These Gaming Sites:

Basically, there are two types of Gaming sites, One is itself Bitcoin-only – here we can use only Bitcoin cryptocurrency to play, as high rollers also use the same, there is no any anonymity and verification required to play the game. There are also online casinos offers some extra bonuses and point to bitcoin-only players to attract them, as they are high rollers in the market.

Another second type of gaming sites is Hybrid – as the name suggests it’s traditional, we can betting through bitcoin and fiat currency also like- USD, GBP, else.  So here we have lots of other payment options to use other currency including Bitcoin, No minimum deposit option to play, but we have to go through the verification process of documents like. ID proof, and other documents, we have to expose the source of income or source of Bitcoin (This identification is necessary) to play the online casino games.


Bitcoin Casinos Regulation

As a player, we know very well that there is some Bitcoin gambling regulations are here as per country, where I chose to play or where we belong too.  Suppose I am in Asian country then we have to follow some regulatory term and condition according to country laws, same as follows in American Country, Europe, and etc.  But there is no single legislation which covers the online gambling globally; Because of every country have their regularity and authorities to deal this. Means we have to face different types of licensing and authorities to different regions worldwide. As the example if I take an Asian country they are individually responsible to regulate the gambling legislation, there is no any uniform approach to all, few county allows land-based gambling some country doesn’t allow this, but few countries only allow the online gambling under the laws. We can’t discuss the all countries regulation for online gambling rules, if I discuss own country India, their legislation relating to public gambling act of 1867. Initially, this act was applied to ten states under British control but after some time it’s amended to all other states, some amendments also occurred after that time to time to control any miss happening with players. It’s is illegal to operate venue based gambling, illegal for players also if they visited such places. Like- Betting on cricket is illegal but betting on the roll is not come under the act because to dice is pure chance based. On the other side, if we see in the US, there is also not the perfect definition of legislation, some sites running from last few decades; there is no specific reference to online gambling. In 2006 the UIGEA, a US authorities was passed the internet gambling act it’s did not mark online gambling is illegal but few sectors are illegal to betting like – Bank and financial sectors. So it’s clear that there is no any fix regulation for the same.

 Security & Safety of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are decentralized, they are not regulated by any authorities, and it is not known how secure the transaction process is. Yes, many people consider the nature of “almost complete anonymity” of such casinos a huge plus, but this is a big drawback for the security of these gambling sites and investing players.

Bitcoin Laundering

There are few methods how swindlers wash bitcoins with help of Bitcoin casino and there is a chance for a normal player to become a victim of this criminal activity. To overcome from such situation, always go with top rated online casinos where our coins are safe and secure.

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Online Earning Through Blogging

How to make money through Blogging

Earning online through Blogging is not so simple as looks, its required dedication and time.

Let’s look at blogging guide – Step by Step

First choose the blogging platform where you want to start comfortably, Like –, and else as per your skill. Then think about the subject on which you are confident to write decently. Then –

  1. Create and set up your blogging site with proper design and looks according to subject you choose.
  2. Write attractive content, eye capturing, which gets lots of traffic.
  3. Provide an option in blogging to subscribe to get visitors details through that you can convert visitors into email subscribers which help to lead generation.
  4. Send those subscribers content and some free help as better and useful content that builds the trust of the visitor.
  5. Sell products or services as per content subject and your audience wants to read.

As mention process is simple to do but each step is enormously complicated, means need some concentration and dedication, required extra ordinary skill. When we talk about to sell the product and services through an own blog site, it’s not so easy if you have not your own product then have to go with third party sales i.e. selling for someone else service and products through the own blog site. Selling advertises is the best option and least you will get profitable, through the service and product used by your visitors or audience through your blog, you will get a handsome commission through the companies. Use affiliate programs offered by different companies like eBay, Amazon and else. So blogging is not a small field it’s also vital.  And when you think you will earn through blogging then you are not just a blogger you became an entrepreneur, because of you are doing a small business through blogging which will be more and more increasing in future to make you a good online marketing business man.

If you think like – your goal is to make money through this blogging skill, your blog may be good lead generators or generation mechanism, there are lots of lead buyers available in market wait to understand for those are ready to purchase the leads for others online marketing strategy.

Journey of more earning through Blogging 

If you think you will start earning from day first, it’s not possible because of you has to win the trust of your audience or visitors on your blog page. Any your content is very much making effective to start earning so fast. Acceding to me 99% people fail to earn in first and second chance in blogging and get irritating and think about to left, but it’s a journey of success, because of every failure you just nearer to success point. So be sure you are attracted to be entrepreneurship, and going to make a successful business, you can make millions or billions of dollars through blogging. Try to a business man not to be experimental people. Success in on the way if you planned perfectly and consider each and every point as serious, and make your blog content unique and interesting to gain traffic with full of dedication.  It may possible you lose something behind that is your valuable time from own life, and afford. But expectation will be achieved after this. Try to catch decent topics for big blogs, which must take the time to execute but must be the result will be seen in your account.


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Website Development with Python language

Website Development tools:

Introduction:- We required web sites in going era to reach maximum no of the user because online media became so popular & easy to reach at user/end point which became easy. In that case, if any company want to reach out to end user point & proper growth than a simple and strong way is Website development through which he can introduce all the things easily to our end user. Now for that, the main requirement is Website Development.

And this site has to be very competitive like: – By the looks, work introduction, utilization, purpose, values & proper specification which will cover under this Website development than the perfect image will go in the market. Or at the end user.

Now we need to build Web site/app. In which most common and user-friendly with lots of tools is Python? Because to make automated system site with specific color, the image then the mind will stocks on Python programming language because it closely resembles of English language & having thousand of third-party libraries to use.

Why this Language used to:-

  • In Website Development Readability is the main feature through which developer having a friendly nature to work and understand the requirement? Python’s having the same nature and very strict punctuation rules which mean it doesn’t use curly braces ({ }) all over in coding it’s just similar to the English Yes, it’s right. One more feature with Python is PEP (Having set of rules to format the codes, scripts pickup.)
  • When we using Python libraries it’s also comparative & friendly suppose we want to install the software on own system to be used by own projects. By using build scripts with command line argument we have to just click on to install the library and then import useful scripts. There are libraries for pretty much any use case we can come up with, image manipulation, to scientific calculations, to server automation. Having nice tools.
  • Python is also fit into web development due to used to Build server-side web applications. It’s rare that developers would not use existing open source libraries to speed up their progress in getting their application working.

Mostly we as Python developers write an application using a combination of Python and JavaScript. Python is executed on the server side while JavaScript is downloaded to the client and run by the web browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla etc.)

One thing may come in mind if have also some others web Development programming language is available then why we use Python Programming language… Yes because of –

Python Popularity:-

Python is receiving amazing popularity and acceptance due to its performance, efficiency, and secure environment. All of these aspects have compelled the industry to use Python, with many of us having relied on this technology for the past couple of years.

Python is also easy to learn if a language is difficult to learn and integrate; it will have little chance of being widely adopted. Python uses real-time wordings, making it easier than most to pick up.

Almost all of the syntax is very similar to “real-life” words. The keywords are very familiar to any non-programmer, so we can pick up on the

Finally, we can say it is a language / technology with high reliability will gain respect and confidence of developers. Python passes with flying colors as a highly reliable technology. Python’s reliability lies in its secure environment, availability of reliable resources, and availability of strong support community in the Website Development Area.


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Why Inter personal and coomunication skill is essential ?

Why Inter – personal & communication skill is an addition to leadership skill are essential during the project planning phase of the project in particular.

Introduction: – When planning a project the project management team/Member/Manager required the vital skill of quality in management to understand the technical aspect, the principle is of competence with good communication skill, perfect planning, knowledge of negotiation, decision-making capabilities with perfect leadership quality. These skills enforce to best planning of any project in particular i.e.

Because of Project Management team/Manager is an ultimate point for the project to make sure the project will be executed 100%, they have to ensure integration of planning or process and the coordinate of all the phases of the project will be a success. Like –

  • Development of Project management Plan.
  • Implementation of Project planning.
  • Monitoring and control the plan accordingly.
  • The plan should be dynamic. Etc. We can say now the Inter-Personal skill is important skill with proper communication with confidence to lead the perfect Planning and its execution of Project.

In any project there must be a key point, who will take the decision related to the project which is, depend upon the size of organization – May be Management team itself or appoint a project manager having best skill to take action regarding all planning and its execution as discussed and take the planning as tools to lead the project and maintain status of project.

Implementation of the project requires a perfect leadership with integrated communication with confidence as discussing. The manager must have to be capable to communicate with all project team – personally attached to them, his/her expertise in that must for successful project implementation.  His/her role and responsibilities are most critical for success of project because he belongs to central point of the project and also have to communicate project functional manager, staff, shareholders and others from the organization, because they have also a vital role in back office to take decision about the project (To relevant, On time, Accurately).

Project Manager / Team do all these by facilitating, coordination, confidence, motivating the staff’s member to achieve the goal (A perfect Leadership quality).

All the functional unit of company/organization such – Finance (Including share holders), HR department, Procurement part, and others partner all need to own activities be coordinating with others to the benefit the project objective. And all are working towards the same goal.

If we go back to understand why these skills are essential to the project – Better to know due to the lack of these skill harm development of project, if location is remote then need communication skill, security risk to the team member, extensive travel due to remote location – (Need to provide transportation and have to convince them), May be limited accommodation, and other things also may cause to the low motivation of Project team member. So Inter – personal and communication skill is an addition to leadership skill is essential during the project planning and implementation.

All mention processes, as well as methods, are essential to project development to the desired output. From team member to program director have to participate and work under the common principle of the target. It’s all are an essential and logical framework to execute result 100%.

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